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Market analysis

The in-depth conversation.

You want to:

  • Understand the various levels of acceptance and satisfaction
  • Uncover underlying motivations
  • Discuss topics with target groups
  • Capture the range of opinions
  • Give your target groups a face

Large numbers.

You want to:

  • Identify market structures
  • Measure product acceptance or satisfaction
  • Document changes over time
  • Evaluate your target groups

Secondary sources and experts.

You want to:

  • Identify quantity structures in a given market
  • Generate forecasts for market developments and understand the corresponding background
  • Gain more insights into relevant market players and their strategies



We know the methods from experience and can thus select the “right” method for the respective project. Plus the appropriate environment to guarantee the necessary depth through an appropriate atmosphere. We moderate ourselves to avoid loss of project knowledge through briefings of external moderators.



On venue

On site

  • Group discussion, group of friends, mini groups, triads, dyads
  • One-on-one interviews at a facility or on-site
  • Ethnography/observations/ shop alongs coupled with subsequent interview on-site, e.g. at the respondent’s home, while shopping in a store, on the roof with carpenters
  • Web interview with shared screen for the discussion of stimuli, the client is able to observe (and listen thanks to simultaneous translators)
  • Online community / diary: Questions answered by respondents in their own time, made vivid through photos, audio and video posts.
  • Online group/triad/dyad: Video conference with all participants at the same time. Our tip: The smaller the better.

Gathering information

Qualitative market research thrives on moderated interviewing. Each qualitative interview is unique and depends on the interviewee and the moderator skills. We are moderators who know what’s important: Always keeping the research objective in mind: as deep as possible – but focused on the relevant areas only.

Relevant Questioning

Questions on equal footing: Aligning questions with the respondent’s range of experience. Primarily open, sometimes provocative to motivate for more, closed questions for classification followed by the why or projective for a new point of view.

Active Listening

Listening can be a lot more than “just” listening: Understanding, clarifying, summarizing, reassuring and motivating to do more. Verbally and non-verbally.

Rational Understanding

Understand the respondent’s answers in their context and align them with the research objective. Only those who understand where we want to go can summarize accordingly and derive recommendations.


Our own moderation is the core: Along kick-off briefing, moderation and reporting – with us, everything is in the hand of one person, the moderator.
This is how we ensure that what is said is properly classified and commented on. To perfectly reflect the nature of the discussions is reflected in the report. Straight to the point, with the necessary depth and always vividly to read.





Quantitative is about “large numbers” to make results sufficiently representative. But we won’t just leave you with the numbers:
We make the data speak for you.
  • Meaningful cross tabulations
  • Multivariate procedures to uncover “hidden” links (Correlation or regression analyses, factor analyses, etc.)
  • Focused graphics for quick insights
  • Comparisons for the sake of classification
  • Accompanying comments for deeper understanding
  • Informed recommendations based on our market knowledge

We offer the full range of methodologies:

  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Face-to-face interviews 

Quality management comes first

  • Thoroughly structured questionnaires and unambiguous questions – always in coordination with our customers (no run-of-the-mill questionnaire)
  • Interviewer briefing done by the project manager
  • Data check for plausibility in evaluation (in-house)

Market Analysis

Sometimes, qualitative or quantitative research on its own isn’t enough or not quite the right approach.

For example when analysing:

  • Market shares
  • Competitors
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Market requirements
  • Process chains

In these projects we intensively deal with the market for you.

  1. Desk Research: Finding and processing existing statistics and secondary data.
    Thanks to our market know-how we know where to search. We can evaluate the sources and interpret the data. That way we establish an initial framework of numbers and structures.
  2. Expert talks: These numbers and structures have to be checked for validity by discussing them with experts from the markets: We talk to experts from associations, trade publishers and think tanks, competitors and suppliers in order to validate and round off the picture.
  3. Furthermore, quantitative primary data studies can be conducted to additionally substantiate data and structures.

Our experiences

20 years in market research is a long time: We had time to gain intensive experience in a wide range of industries.

Municipal and public IT service providers


Social Insurance Funds

Tech, Web, Social Media, IT

Mobility and Automotive


Construction and crafts

Social Accident Insurance Institutions

For more information about our experience in various industries, please contact us.

"In the past, the vast majority of customers who have worked with us at one time have also relied on our support in subsequent projects. We see this trust, for which we are very grateful, as the basis for our future activities and we would like to expand it further with new customers.
Lutz Hiestermann
Founder and CEO