Our Team

Small and powerful.

Our small size allows us…

  • to always stay current: ongoing exchange about projects: nothing gets lost, nothing gets left behind. We work closely together so that each of us can take over tasks from others “at the push of a button” when required.
  • to be flexible and responsive: changes to the project because of short-term amendments? No problem! Decisions are made at the project manager level.
  • to be focused: We do what we are best at and we use partners when support is required. We work with long-standing, trusted partners in the areas of recruitment, translation, fieldwork, programming and evaluation. Partners we can rely on 100%.

Hartmut Loeben-Frömchen

Managing Partner

  • hartmut@hiestermann-froemchen.de
  • Born in 1963
  • Studied agricultural economics and journalism at the Georg August University of Göttingen
  • His diploma thesis, carried out for PDC, was his earliest project in market research and marks his entry into the profession.
  • 10 years market research at PDC especially in the Food, ICT and Automotive sectors
  • 10 years later he changed jobs and joined Consultic as co-managing director. In addition to existing customers/markets, new markets were added in the Health and FMCG sectors

Lutz Hiestermann

Managing Partner

  • hiestermann@hiestermann-froemchen.de
  • Born in 1965
  • Studied agricultural sciences with a focus on environmental protection and development of rural areas at the Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen.
  • Afterwards seven years of self-employment in the own consulting company Consult21 GbR based in Gießen, among others in the field of innovative traffic systems and market research.
  • Then he changed to the market research institute Consultic, where his main areas of expertise were semi-public and public institutions and plastic waste. There he worked together with Hartmut Loeben-Frömchen for 10 years before they both decided to found their own company in early 2013.

Marc Schmitz

Senior project manager and moderator

  • schmitz@hiestermann-froemchen.de
  • Born in 1991
  • Dual studies in Public Service – University of Applied Sciences for public administration in Public law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at Philipps University in Marburg – focus on sociology of Labour and Gender & Globalization as well as Development Studies
  • Has been with Hiestermann & Frömchen since 2018 – first as an intern; later in a permanent position as a full-time project manager and moderator.

Lukas Panz

Project manager

  • panz@hiestermann-froemchen.de
  • Born in 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany – focus on political sciences
  • Joined Hiestermann & Frömchen in 2020 – initially as an intern, then as a student temp and since 2020 a permanent addition to the team as part-time employee.
  • Currently a master’s degree student in Modern Societies and Cultures

Laura Dudenhöfer

Project manager and moderator

  • dudenhoefer@hiestermann-froemchen.de
  • Born in 2000
  • Currently a Bachelor of Arts Sociology student at Philipps University in Marburg
  • Started as an intern in 2022 and now employed as a part-time student assistant.

Our self-image

Experienced routine in standard processes gives us the freedom to think ahead

„Who always does what he can, stays always what he is“ Henry Ford


Active in selected markets


We know the market players, their thinking,
their issues


We know the methods and apply them
for your specific benefit

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Individuality: We focus on you, our customer. You will get the exact research you need.
  • Fast and flexible: We are agile. Changes to the market research process can rapidly be implemented.
  • Competent: We know what’s important; we have expertise in methods and markets. We know the ropes.
  • Efficient: We reduce complexity to the necessary level to maximize results.
    Your benefit: Less complexity means cost-efficiency.
  • To the heart: You have a research topic. Our research puts your topic at the focus and reflects it in our reporting: Brief where possible, explicit and elaborate where necessary. Thoroughly edited and annotated. Always understandable and pleasant to watch and read.

Our roots

Our roots support us to tackle new things

„Who plants a tree, will gain a heaven“ Konfuzius


In the beginning of 2013 it was finally time. Doing something on our own & determining the direction of our own company!

We did not start from scratch, because we had both worked successfully in other market research institutes for more than 10 years and were able to take our client base with us.

So the very first year was better than expected – since then nine successful years followed so far.

Our roots have shaped us to this day: The best possible client relationships. Many years of experience. A great team which enjoys to work. Motto: Give everything for the clients.

Are you interested in working with us?

We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application! You are welcome to write to us at: info@hiestermann-froemchen.de.